Doctorado en Biomedicina

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The Ph.D. Programme in Biomedicine at the University of Granada has three fundamental aims: to train researchers with the capacity to undertake quality research, to strengthen this type of research in Biomedicine and to transfer knowledge to society as a whole to its full and proper advantage. The programme itself was formulated in October 2010 but it incorporates older Ph.D. programmes associated with Master’s degrees (8 of which have received official Accreditations of Quality) with the desire to integrate, co-operate and interact with all the basic applied research being conducted in Health Sciences. The programme has been designed to bring together enough researchers, economic resources and instrumental means to bring about significant advances in knowledge and innovation in Biomedicine through scientific research of excellence. This reflects a commitment by the University of Granada to boost Biomedicine and take on the challenge of improving the quality of life of the public via an institutional initiative directed at making Granada an international city of reference for Health-Sciences teaching and research.

Many of the researchers and research groups involved in this programme work at the UGR Centre for Biomedical Research (, which has the human resources, infrastructure and financial means to further its fundamental objective of promoting research in Biomedicine. It includes research institutes such as the Institute of Biopathology and Regenerative Medicine (IBIMER) (, the Institute of Biotechnology ( and the López Neyra Institute of Parasitology and Biomedicine (, together with the University Teaching Hospitals Virgen de las Nieves ( and San Cecilio (, the Faculty of Medicine ( and various departments and research groups belonging to the UGR that are also conducting research within the Ph.D. Programme in Biomedicine.